Testing Services

QAZone offers Functional and Non-Functional Testing services across the business domains. Our context driven & risk based approach is particularly beneficial to those who would like good quality product in limited time frame.

Tes Consulting

Our founding team consists of a world renowned and internationally acclaimed tester. We assist our clients with our consulting services, so they win more businesses & make the best of their in-house teams.

Test Training

We have offered training to leading services as well as product based technology companies. We do trainings for your Interns / New hires / Test Teams / Development Teams / Managers.


Risk Based Testing.

This is one approach we heavily leverage on to save customer time and money and reputation as well. Specially suited for Startups!!

We devise solutions for your specific problem

We have tons of case studies that we can share with you. Please ask for it, if interested. However, we believe in talking to you about your particular situation and design a solution best fit for it.

Lets talk and figure out how should we test for your business risks and ensure none of the risks are passed on to our customer.


Next Steps...

If you would like to learn more about our services or would like to share more with someone at our end - please feel free to talk to us.